2008 Conference Papers

2008 Conference Papers

Abbott, Malcolm  ‘A long-term look at the development and reform of New Zealand’s electricity supply industry’

Anderson, Ray H and Du, Shelly ‘Telling their story: the role of the Australian Institute of Management in influencing business disclosure’

Barnwell, Neil ‘Australia and the First World War – A re-evaluation of its long term economic impact’

Beckett, Gordon ‘Government business enterprises – a closer look’

Carvalho de Mello, Pedro   ‘Bolsa de Mercadorias de São Paulo: the first modern commodity exchange in Brazil.’

Hatton, Tim and Martin, Richard M  ‘The effects on stature of poverty, family size and birth order: British children in the 1930s’

Harris, Edwyna   ‘The persistence of correlative water rights in colonial Australia: a theoretical contradiction?’

Keneley, Monica ‘Organizational capabilities and the role of routines in the emergence of a modern life insurer: the story of the AMP’

Kim, Yoonzi and Lee, Keun ‘Historical evolution of managerial classes in Korea’.

Lin, Chih-lung  ‘The Japanese shipping challenge and the Lower Yangtze Shipping Conference, 1921-1927’

Maconachie, Glenda and Goodwin, Miles  Victimisation, inspection and workers’ entitlements: lessons not learnt?

Merrett, David, Morgan, Stephen and Ville, Simon ‘Industry associations as facilitators of social capital: the establishment and early operations of the Melbourne Woolbrokers Association’

Morgan, Stephen L ‘New estimates of change in the welfare of Chinese during the nineteenth century’

Myers, Laurel ‘The foundations of the economics profession in Australia’.

Nguyen Van Quyen and Hong Thi-Dieu To ‘Economic growth and climate change without an environmental treaty’

Permani, Risti ‘The role of education in economic growth in East Asia: historical trends and empirical evidences (1965-2000)’.

John Singleton  ‘A new window on the development of the euromarkets: borrowing by the New Zealand government in the 1960s’

Sato, Jun ‘The role of the Bank of England in creating central banks during the 1930s: an examination of the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic’

Schenk, Catherine  ‘Disentangling from sterling: the case of Malaysia and Singapore 1967-73’ 

Stapledon, Nigel  ‘Housing in Australia 1880-1965: new price series and historical perspectives’

Verhoef, Grietjie ‘Environmental and economic considerations in Gas-To-Liquid Industry: the role of Sasol in gasification, 1970 – 2006’

Yoneyama, Takau  ‘Great Kanto earthquake and the response of insurance companies: a historical lesson on an impact of great disaster’.

Zhang, Guibin and Qin, Zhong ‘The development of private businesses in China: 1978-2004’


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