2009 Conference Papers

2009 Conference Papers

Amaral, Luciano, ‘Rent Seeking and Economic Growth: Europe and East Asia, the Cases of Portugal and Taiwan (1950-2007)’

Carter, Susan, ‘Celestial Suppers: The Political Economy of America’s Chop Suey Craze, 1900-1930’

Choi, Eugene, ‘Another path to industrialisation: The rattling spindle, garabo, in the technological development of the Japanese spinning industry’

Clayton, David, ‘Counterfeiting under colonialism: the evolution of legal regimes proteching intellectual property in Hong Kong, c.1948 – 1962’

Coopersmith, Jonathan, ‘The Decline of Fax and the Rise of Keitai, e-mail, and the Web in Japan and the United States’

Harris, Edwyna, Robert Brooks and Yovina Joymungul, ‘The effects of centrally determined water prices on irrigation water demand: evidence from the Victorian State Rivers and Water Supply Commission, 1906-1984’

Ho, Chun-yu and Li, Dan, ‘Bond Market and War: Evidence from China 1921 – 42’

Ichihara, Hiroshi, ‘Japanese Human Resource Management before World War Two-a case of the Engineers’

Inaba, Kazuya, ‘The Change of R&D system of Japanese Chemical Corporations in the 1980’s: Concerning the Case of Polysilicon business in Tokuyama Corporation’

Kang, Soojeong, ‘Managing technology to achieve industrialisation: Korean nylon producers in the 1960s and 70s’

Kobori, Satoru, ‘Japan’s energy policy during the 1950s: the reasons for the rapid switch from coal to oil’

Koowattanatianchai, Nattawoot , Michael B Charles and Ian Eddie, ‘Accelerated Depreciation: Establishing a Historical and Contextual Perspective’

Kuokkanen, Anna and Hannele, Seeck, ‘Comparing the adoption of the human relations school in Finland and Japan’

Lee, Wilson, ‘A Chinese Economist and the Great Depression’

Lepper, Larry, ‘The Communication of Economic Ideas: Rhetoric and Prose Style in the Early Works of J M Keynes’

Lin, Chih-lung, ‘Sino-American airmail carrying contract, 1929-1930’

Morgan, Stephen, Joerg Baten, Debin Ma, Qing Wang, ‘Evolution of Living Standards and Human Capital in China in 18-20th Century: Evidences from Real Wage and Anthropometrics’

Ohnuki, Mari and Masanori Takashima, ‘Recent trends in researches in Japanese economic history: from the viewpoint of archival materials in the Bank of Japan Archive’

Pearse, Malcolm, ‘The Management Rush’

Pokarier, Christopher, ‘An interest in Japan’: The political economy of Australia-Japan investment linkages

Reiner, Martha, ‘Asia-Pacific Transnational and Inter-regional Contexts’

Ryu, Sang-yun, ‘The Impact of the Great Depression on the Korean Silk Industry’

Shimanishi, Tomoki, ‘Economic Growth, Resources and the Environment: The Use of Fossil Fuels in Japan’s postwar industrialisation’

Shimizu, Hiroshi, ‘Breakthrough Illusions in the case of semiconductor laser technology in the US and Japan’

Spinks, Wendy, uasunari Masui, Yuka Sakamoto, ‘Salaryman Senryu: A Poetic Perspective on Changing Worker Mentality in Japan’

Sugawara, Ayumu, ‘Rio Tinto Company’s investments in Australia in the 1950s’

Sutch, Richard, ‘The Liquidity Trap: A Lesson from Macroeconomic History for Today’

Tanaka, Akira, ‘The Role of Sogo Shosha in Mass Procurement System of Resource: Japan’s Develop-and-Import Scheme of Iron Ore in the 1960s’

Tongurai, Jittima and Kazuo Toritani, ‘Corners Hypothesis and the Proposals on Foreign Exchange System for East Asia: A Perspective from the Incompatible Trinity’

Tu, Chen-ying, Cher-Min Fong, ‘Determinants of International Advertising Agencies Entry Taiwan Market – the Evidence form 1985-2005’

Uche, Chibuike, ‘Trade and Industrial Policy in Africa: the Impact of China’s Growing Influence in the Region’

Umeno, Naotoshi, ‘Historical analysis about the early stages of the Iran-Japan Petrochemical project’

Viktorov, Ilya, ‘The Swedish Employers and Wage-Earner Funds Debate under the Crisis of Fordism’

Wilson, John and Shanahan, Martin, ‘Lobbying and Trade Protection in Colonial Australia’

Yamafuji, Ryutaro, ‘Organization of the Multinational Enterprise: A Study of Mitsui & Co. in China’

Yuzawa, Takeshi, ‘Recent trends of business history in Japan’

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