2010 Conference Papers

2010 Conference Papers

Please note that full papers submitted by 11th January have been double blind peer reviewed.

Nigel Stapledon, ‘Housing, mortgage finance and financial crises: has housing always been at the scene of the crime?’ 

Jin Son, ‘Financial crisis and asset market instability in the 1930s and 2000s: flow of funds analysis’ (with K. Lee) 

Larry Lepper, ‘Rhetoric and Keynes’ use of statistics in The Economic Consequences of the Peace’ 

Pavida Pananond, ‘A decade of crises, 1997-2007: lessons from Thailand’ (with A Pongsudhirak) 

Ji Yong Lee, ‘Changes in the ownership structure of Asian corporations: post Asian financial crisis’ 

Emma Campbell, ‘South Korea and the 1997 economic crisis’ 

Jon Stanford, ‘Six financial crises in historical perspective’ 

Muhammad Gurrib, ‘The financial crisis and Saudi Arabia: inflation perspectives’ 

Susanna Fellman*, Reino Hjerppe** and Riitta Hjerppe***, ‘Does a strong state create a welfare state? ‐ The case of Finland’ 

E. Kim, ‘Education and income inequality: cross country analysis, 1960-2000’ 

Chris Lloyd, ‘Saving capitalism? Class conflict, social democracy, and regulation in Australia’         

Forrest Capie, ‘Learning from financial crises; central banks, commercial banks, and regulation’ 

Rick Garside,  ‘Financial crisis and economic meltdown: what are the lessons from Japan’s ‘lost decade’?’ 

John Singleton, ‘Implications of the current economic crisis for central bank independence’                                 

David Sutton, ‘Economic crises: some tentative proposals to aid identification of economic and financial fragility’ 

Mikel Lonnborg, ‘Swedish financial crises through time: causes, consequences, and political economy from a long term perspective’ (with Rafferty M. and Ogren A.) 

Asli Mermod and Ulku Yuksel, ‘How to recover from financial crises caused by a fragile banking system: the case of Turkish banking crises of 2001’ 

Brian Easton, ‘“It’s the same this time”: major economic crises of the 20th century’ 

Andrew Coleman, ‘Uncovered interest parity during the gold standard era, 1888-1905’ 

Jim McAloon, ‘Robert Muldoon and the New Zealand economic crisis, 1975-84’      

John Wilson and Martin Shanahan, ‘The structure of tariff protection in Colonial Victoria’                     

J.P Custodis, ‘Employing the enemy: the economics of Italian prisoner of war employment in Australia’ 

Edwyna Harris, ‘Scarcity and the evolution of water rights in Nineteenth Century Australia and the United States: the role of climate and asset type’ 

Kheng Quek, ‘Institutional and technological change; the Selden patent case and the evolution of the US automobile industry’ 

Amar Nayak, ‘Globalization: framework for the perpetuation of asymmetries by the traditional firm’ 

Masatoshi Kato, ‘Firm survival and the evolution of market structure: the case of the Japanese motorcycle industry’ 

Roderick MacDonald, ‘Industrial Innovation in the Late Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries’                                               

K. Shiratori, ‘Financial policies in Japan during the era of crises, 1913-31’         

Sangyun Ryu, ‘The impact of the Great Depression on the East Asian silk industry’ 

P. Ouyyanont, ‘Industrialization of Bangkok before the Second World War’ 

I. Austin, ‘The founding fathers legacy: America and the power of banking and finance’ 

Malcolm Pearse, ‘Australia’s early managers’ 

Malcolm Abbott, ‘The performance of the Australian banking sector since deregulation’ (with S. Wu) 

Takashi Hirao, ‘The role of corporate paternalism in British labour management: a case study of Cadbury Brothers Ltd before the Great War’ 

T. Sakumoto, ‘Exploring the myths of efficiency management’ 

Martin Fisher, ‘The development of treaty settlement processes in an era of economic uncertainty’ 

David Jacks, ‘Trade booms, trade busts, and trade costs’ 

Mark Wilson, ‘Boom and bust in the UK brewing industry, 1886-1910: fresh evidence 

J. Kanzaka, ‘Investment in land expansion in Tokugawa Japan’ 

Dharm Bhawuk, ‘Globalization, Culture and Economic Development: A Cultural Model of Economic Success and Failure’ 

Kurt Pedersen, ‘Emerging marketing, 1880-1960: the case of Denmark’ (with E. Madsen) 

Carol Neill, ‘Understanding Auckland’s industrial development, 1950s to the 1970s’ 

David Merrett and Simon Ville, ‘Did Australian wool brokers associations exercise monopoly power?’ 

Gordon Boyce, ‘Burns Philp in the 1920s: encountering and overcoming a commodity price crisis’ 

Andrew Thackray, ‘The edge of influence: Australia’s ‘neo-liberal think-tanks during the Howard years’ 

Stephen Morgan, ‘Adjustment of age-related height decline for Chinese- a ‘natural experiment’ longitudinal survey using archive data’ 

John Cranfield, ‘Long run changes in the body mass’ (with K. Indwood) 

Evan Roberts, ‘“Tall, active and well made”.  Stature of the New Zealand Maori population, c.1700-1976’ (with K. Inwood and L. Oxley) 

Frank Decker, ‘Monetary recovery measures in the New South Wales 1840s depression – a new assessment’ 

Kevin Heagney, ‘Modelling tax policy development in New Zealand, 1844-45’ 

Kevin Heagney, ‘The revenue expenditure nexus: evidence from New Zealand, 1840-92’ (with O. Hussein) 

John Moremon, ‘“Detrimental to the best interests of the Service”: the impact of successive budget cuts on the Australian army’ 

Ken Tomobe, ‘Modernization of the Japanese peasant world in comparative perspective: the viewpoint of demography, economy and household management’ 

P. Siminski, ‘Estimating the causal effects of conscription on Australian conscripts’ (with Simon Ville) 

Hussain Al-Obaid, ‘The impact of epidemic related depopulation and the foundation of the theory of labour value by Ibn Khaldun in the 14th century’ 

Geoffrey Brooke, ‘Migration to New Zealand, 1840-1914’ 

Simon Lambert, ‘The evolution of post-contact Maori cultural political economies’ 

Malcolm McKinnon, ‘Managers, money and machines: ideas and contexts in 1930s depression New Zealand’ 

Malcolm McKinnon, ‘Costs in translation: the New Zealand economy in Te Ara, the online encyclopaedia of New Zealand’

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